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GPs & Specialists in General Internal Medicine,

Cardiac Diseases, Cardiology & Vascular Diseases, 

Angiology and Phlebology

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Dr. med. Andrea Rosemann

FMH Specialist in Cardiology, Angiology, Internal Medicine

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Rosemann                         

Director of the Institute of Primary Care, University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Senn
FMH Specialist in General Internal Medicine, GP
Dr. med. Iris Hähnel
FMH Specialist in Cardiology, Angiology, Internal Medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Lüscher

FMH Specialist in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, FRCP/FESC

Dr. med. Helena Fischer
FMH Specialist in Internal Medicine, GP

Dr. med. Sabine Schmidt-Weitmann

FMH Specialist in Internal Medicine

PD Dr. Dr. med. Christian Schmidt
FMH Specialist in Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Phlebology

Specialists and GPs under one roof

MediS offers you different care models under one roof. For common medical conditions, you can opt for comprehensive basic care with optional GP visits. If you are suffering from symptoms or diseases relating to the heart, circulation or blood vessels, you can register directly with one of our specialists or be referred by your GP. In order to provide you with the best possible care, we maintain close dialogue with your referring doctor.

Certified quality and evidence-based medicine

In addition to personal attention, for us, a high standard of medical care is a given. We ensure this through our university work, ongoing training and development, as well as professional interaction with specialist departments and trusted physicians.

Logo Uni ZH - Medizin im Schauspielhaus Gemeinschaftspraxis

Academic teaching practice of the University of Zurich's Institute of Primary Care

Many of our employees work in teaching and research at the University of Zurich and create medical guidelines for various fields: 


Logo EQUAM - Medizin im Schauspielhaus Gemeinschaftspraxis

Our practice is regularly audited by the EQUAM Foundation (external quality assurance in medicine) and holds the EQUAM quality certificate.