Guidelines provide important, scientifically substantiated orientation in daily medical practice. Dr. med. Andrea Rosemann, together with the University of Zurich's Institute of Primary Care and the mediX physicians' network, has drawn up some guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of special cardiovascular diseases with a focus on outpatient care. 


The medical staff at the MediS practice are active in research and teaching. Papers are published in renowned medical journals in collaboration with the University of Zurich's Institute of Primary Care, whose list of publications can be viewed here.


• 15.09.2018 He wants to protect us from too much medicine

Thomas Rosemann wanted to be a surgeon but
unethical practices put him off. Today he is based in Zurich and heads the most
active general practice institute in the German-speaking area. Read more ...

  • 30/01/2018 Thermometer tests 

Kassensturz tested thermometers together with Professor Rosemann and found that expensive does not always equal good. Read more... 

  • 27/02/2017 Compliance is key

Adherence to treatment is important, especially for the chronically ill. The SRF TV series Puls addressed this topic, and Professor Rosemann gave her opinion during the show. Read more...